Top Priority

Alabama's seniors need to know the contrast between Tommy Tuberville and Senator Doug Jones. Even in this pandemic, Tommy Tuberville wants to:

  • Cut Medicare and privatize Social Security, which could end Social Security as we know it
  • Eliminate the Affordable Care Act, which would end protections for seniors and those with pre-existing conditions, like diabetes or heart disease

Doug Jones is fighting for Alabama seniors and getting things done for us.

  • He'll protect those with pre-existing conditions
  • Defend Medicare and fully fund Social Security
  • And he's working across the aisle for lower prescription drug prices.

Second Priority

Alabama’s suburban voters need to know that Doug Jones kept his promise to work across party lines and led on passing bipartisan legislation to:

  • End the Widow’s Tax that hurt military families
  • Protect AL steel workers and auto industry from unfair trade practices
  • Took the lead in permanently funding HBCUs
  • Help Alabama farmers hurt by hurricanes and other natural disasters
  • Strengthen rural hospitals and protect healthcare for Alabama children  

Alabama voters need to know that clueless Tommy Tuberville has no ideas on how to help Alabamians. Instead, he has promised to do the bidding of the out-of-state corporate special interests funding his campaign. This includes:

  • Eliminating protections for preexisting conditions
  • Privatizing Social Security, putting AL seniors’ at risk
  • Supporting tax breaks that benefit corporations that move jobs and operations overseas
  • Opposes extending emergency help for Alabama workers, families and small businesses hurt by the pandemic
  • He has no record of helping the working people of Alabama - he moved to Alabama just 18 months ago.
  • Questionable charity dealings - this is a good place to start.
  • Don't forget folks, when things get tough. Tommy Tuberville's a quitter.