Alabama’s suburban voters need to know that Doug Jones kept his promise to work across party lines and led on passing bipartisan legislation to:

  • End the Widow’s Tax that hurt military families
  • Protect AL steel workers and auto industry from unfair trade practices
  • Took the lead in permanently funding HBCUs
  • Help Alabama farmers hurt by hurricanes and other natural disasters
  • Strengthen rural hospitals and protect healthcare for Alabama children  

Alabama voters need to know that Tommy Tuberville has the wrong kind of experience:

  • Multiple investment schemes that resulted in Alabama school teachers and families losing their savings
  • Got paid millions to NOT coach and still takes nearly $800/month from the state but opposes emergency unemployment benefits
  • Says nothing when Trump insults the veterans and military families that sacrifice everything for us
  • Supports the McConnell/insurance industry goal of eliminating protections for people with preexisting conditions