March Roundup

Sat, 03/30/2019 at 04:10 PM

March was a huge month for Doug. Here’s a quick recap of some of what Doug’s been working on with your support:

Protecting Jobs
Doug led a bipartisan effort opposing the President’s proposed tariffs against the automotive industry – standing up for the 57,000 Alabamians who have made our state one of the nation’s leaders in car manufacturing and production.

Defending Health Care
Doug is co-sponsoring a bill giving Alabama and the 13 other states who have not expanded Medicaid a second chance to do so without penalty, and has been hard at work in Washington fighting back against the administration’s latest attempts to gut the Affordable Care Act.

Protecting Small Businesses
Along with Senator Pat Toomey, Doug introduced bipartisan legislation clarifying provisions in the federal tax code, ensuring that small businesses like family-owned restaurants and independent retailers can take full advantage of renovation and development opportunities.

Fighting for Military Families
Doug has led the charge opposing the “Widows Tax” on grieving military families – where the federal government doesn’t let spouses collect the full survivor benefits they’re entitled to if a loved one dies from service-related causes. Doug knows that passing the bill he introduced – the Military Widows Tax Elimination Act – is simply the right thing to do, which is why he continues to stand up for military families in Washington.

Defending Alabama Military Projects
Last week, it was made known that the administration planned to cut a number of military projects vital to our state and to our national security in order to pay for the President’s national emergency. These cuts include nearly $80 million for Alabama military projects, such as construction at Maxwell Air Force Base and a training support facility at Fort Rucker. Doug has made it clear: these cuts are unacceptable, and he’s already fighting them every step of the way.

Protecting the Constitution
Along with 58 of his Senate colleagues and over 20,000 of you, Doug has voiced his opposition to the President’s reckless use of a national emergency declaration to fund his border wall. Doug knows that the precedent this sets is dangerous, and using an “emergency” to ignore the will of Congress and the American people is an insult to the Constitution.

Team Doug is looking forward to April – and continuing our hard work every day for you Washington.